Youthful Misgivings

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of lectures, assignments, tests, projects, and homework — lots of homework. I have had little time to do much of anything else, including writing. As I had expected, going back to college at a matured age allows me a unique prospective of what is being taught. Things that I have learned over years of trial-and-error in the corporate life, the professors are spoon feeding kids. Only but a few are actually taking the medicine. A large percentage fight, kick, and struggle with it.

Even yesterday, I sat in one of the first year classes filled with recently graduated high-schoolers, listening to the professor give important life lessons. Yeah, I knew and could instantly recall the lesson from my life-experience. This is important stuff here; stuff I wish someone had told me years ago. Instead of listening, a group of selfie-type girl decided to take the time to whisper about what was being posted on FaceBook. Even went as far as passing the smartphone back and forth. This wasn’t the coy pass-the-note-and-don’t-let-the-teacher-see type of thing. These girls were deliberate and disruptive in their doings. Of course I found the whole thing disrespectful, and I wanted to say something. Yeah, that would have earned me points with my classmates. However, if that happened in one of my training classes (and yes, at one point I was a teacher — okay, corporate trainer) I would have fired them on the spot. But I digress…

I try, as much as I can, to ignore the misgivings of our millennial youth and focus on getting my education. As a result I am finding the experience thus far very rewarding. Though a large portion of what is being taught I know from experience, there is information that I am learning. Is this worth it? I find it a thrilling adventure I wish I had taken earlier in life. Then again, had I done this in my youth, perhaps I would not have appreciated it as much. I am looking forward to next semester and have already begun obsessively planning my class schedule for next year (yes, the WHOLE year).


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